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Joseph Cusimano collectibles (posters, tote bags, t-shirts, greeting cards, and more) are available through

By joining the affiliate program and promoting Joseph Cusimano collectibles on your website, you can earn 15% commission for each sale of a collectible item that comes through your links. Note: The affiliate program is only for items on the website. Joseph Cusimano originals (including paintings, drawing, and prismacolors) and limited edition prints are not part of the affiliate program.

The affiliate program is run through the affiliate network.

What You Can Link To:

You can link to any of the following types of pages at the Joseph Cusimano collectibles store at

Note: Products are only organized into sections by the image. Products are not organized by product type; for example, there is no section page showing all the mugs.

How Sales are Attributed To You

To have sales and commissions attributed to you, you need to use what are called "affiliate links". Affiliate links contain a unique ID that is unique to you. That ID is assigned by when you join The name that calls such ID's is "PID (publisher ID)".

To determine what your PID is, you need to login to If you don't know how to determine your PID, click here and login to and follow the four steps indicated.

Format of Affiliate Links

The format of affiliate links is:

The PID would be your PID. The ADDRESS would be the webpage address that you want to link to.

For example, suppose your PID is 12345 and you want to link to then the affiliate link you would use would be:

Creating Text Links

Once you know your PID, you can start creating your affiliate links and promote the collectible products on your website.

This section talks about how to create a text link. Once you know how to create text links, you can add a graphic to the link. The next section talks about graphic links.

First, you need to determine what you want to link to. So start by browsing through the Joseph Cusimano collectibles store. Go to the page that you want to link to. Click in the Address Bar of your web browser and copy the address (right-click mouse and select "Copy"; if necessary, right-click and select "Select All" first and then "Copy").

Go into your HTML webpage editor and create a text link with the address you copied from your web browser. Use any text for the link, such as "Joseph Cusimano art collectibles" (you can change it later). Now edit the link, and at the start of the link address add in:

You should now have an affiliate link that looks similar to the sample link shown above:

IMPORTANT: You must substitute in your own PID where it says PID otherwise links will not track back to you and you will not get any commissions. So make sure you put in your PID.

Save your wepage and upload it to your server. Now view your webpage in your web browser, and click on the link you just created. It should go to the page you want.

IMPORTANT: After you click on your link, the desired webpage should appear. If you look at the address bar you will notice that your PID does not show up in the address bar. THAT IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. Your PID gets saved in a "cookie" file on your computer and not in the address bar. That way, if a person clicks your link and visits a few days from now, the PID is read from the cookie file on the person's computer rather than the address bar. Cookies last for 45 days and apply to the sale of any product at, not just the Joseph Cusimano collectibles products. If you want to confirm the presence of the cookie, view your web browser's Temporary Internet Files (Tools > Internet Options > Browsing history Settings > View files). Open the cookie named "" and you'll see your PID in there somewhere. If you have no such cookie, enable cookies on your computer.

Creating Graphic Links

Once you know how to create text links (described above), you can create graphic links. The affiliate link address is the same as used for text links. You're just linking a graphic rather than text.

First you need to save the graphic that you want to use in your graphic link. Browse through the Joseph Cusimano collectibles store and locate the graphic that you want to use. Right-click on the graphic that you want to use and select "Save Picture As..." and save the graphic to your computer.

Go into your HTML webpage editor and insert the graphic you just saved. Now link the graphic in the same way that you created a text link in the previous section. Upload the graphic and your HTML page to your website server. View your webpage and verify that the graphic appears and that the link work.


For advanced affiliates: A datafeed file is currently not available; however, you can generate one yourself. Use Instant Café Feeder (free version) and select "Search Type: STORE" and "Store ID: cusimano". If want only certain types of products (e.g.: only mugs) select them otherwise all product types will be included. You can then use a datafeed merge program to convert the datafeed file to HTML files; such as WebMerge.


If you have any questions, contact us for support.

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