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"Surreal fantasy art by metaphysical surrealist artist Joseph Cusimano." What really makes this site interesting (apart from the immense content) is the "visual glossary" explaining the language of the symbols used in his paintings. For example, an aqueduct symbolizes the passage of time. Not terribly science fictional - the "fantasy" in this case refers to surrealism, as opposed to wizards and godlings - but how often do you get to learn a new unspoken language?

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"I do not seek to transform the world, merely to improve it . . . to deprive fear of all its forms and give impetus to hope." So runs the philosophy of Italian metaphysical surrealist painter Joseph Cusimano (b. 1935). Heavily influenced by works of Dali, Delvaux, Magritte, and Morandi, Cusimano has lived and worked in Canada since 1958. This sublime online gallery of a dozen better-known Cusimano works also includes a biography, interviews and visits with the artist, a bibliography, accolades, excerpts from and order forms for a Cusimano art book, a visual glossary, a Members Only | gift shop, surrealist links, and more.


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This wonderful site that features the surrealist art of Joseph Cusimano only contains a small list of art and Web resource sites as an apparent after-thought. But my suspicion is that the really good hotlists of the future will often be very small, well-chosen accompaniments to sites of personal distinction and perspective. Believe me, this one qualifies. It is a delightful introduction to surrealism through this particular artist. I found their Visual Glossary of the symbols used by Cusimano in his art (with displays and links to each piece that uses the same symbol) both educational and evocative. It helps greatly that the quality of the writing almost matches the quality of the art.

Classifying himself as a metaphysical artist, the site offers links to relevant Dalí, Ernst, Magritte and Miro Web sites. A short hotlist of Web art sites, again with an emphasis on surrealism, is useful.

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Containing over [109] full-color reproductions, the Cusimano gallery is well worth a visit. Many reproductions include the artist's description of the work. An unusual addition is a glossary of the imagery used in the paintings. The repeated images of apples, horses, running men, and aqueducts become more easily understood within the context of each painting. It seems to be rather important to Cusimano that we understand his art, which is derivative of Dalí and Magritte, but modified with its own particular images. A history of the Italian-born Canadian artist is available, as are links to other surrealist artists on the Web.

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