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La Metamorfosi di Venere (The Metamorphosis of Venus)
La Metamorfosi di Venere
(The Metamorphosis of Venus)
Oil on canvas, 1985 50m x 60cm (20" x 24")

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Artist's Interpretation:

The rose rises from the depth of our soul and floats in the infinite blue space of our mind. It is the symbol of love that overcomes the emotional turmoil of a rousing passion (running figure); it is the personification of Venus, the elusive and tantalizing goddess of everlasting happiness. She stands at the centre of our perception surrounded by anthropomorphous clouds that recall the inhabitants of the sea (clouds shaped as shark, turtle, dolphin) as they reflect on the transitory aspect of life and the legacy of our memory (as it is) articulated on the undulating rocks in the landscape of time (ruins).

"The Metamorphosis of Venus" (red ball - red rose, white torso - white cloud) allows our feelings to petrify (rocks) before the end of our passionate journey as a reminder to those who will follow that the present is not only embedded in the past but it also stands as a beacon for the future.

Joseph Cusimano



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Additional Information:

  • See glossary: Rose (contains other rose images)
  • Color reproduction appears in Passage to Canada, page 166, image #28.

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