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The Conception of Christopher Columbus' Dream
The Conception of Christopher Columbus' Dream
Oil on canvas, 1991 60cm x 75cm (24" x 30")

Artist's Interpretation (Informal):

  • The egg represents the conception of Columbus' idea to find a short sea route to the Indies (Columbus was not trying to "prove the world was round"... thinking people already knew the world was round).
  • The three birds represent the three sailing ships that Columbus used during his first voyage in 1492 to the New World: the Santa María, the Niña, and the Pinta.
  • The cypress is representative of the trees used for the masts of Columbus' three sailing ships.
  • The rose represents religion that would be brought to the New World.
  • The dark cave to the left represents the Old World.
  • The figure of the Indian in the mountains to the right represents the native Arawak Indians that Columbus encountered upon landing in the New World.
  • The shadow of the eagle (on the ground above the running figure) represents the Great Bald Eagle that would one day represent the United States of America.
  • The shape of a goose (upper-left cloud) represents the Canadian Geese that would one day represent Canada.

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Additional Information:

  • See glossary: Rose (contains other rose images)

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