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L'Atelier de l'Imagination (The Studio of the Imagination)
L'Atelier de l'Imagination
(The Studio of the Imagination)
Oil on canvas, 1993 40cm x 50cm (16" x 20")

Artist's Interpretation:

The symbolism of an Artist's studio is founded upon the relation between the architectural structure and the systematic design of the inner space. Space intended not only as a limitation of the infinite, on the concrete plane, but also as the unlimited extension of the mind, on the abstract plane.

In "L'Atelier de l'Imagination", my imagination that is, we find some of the essential elements that appear on my canvasses, and each element contributes to the general symbolism. Thus, in my recent paintings, the symbol of the "apple" ('The Apple of Love', 'The Apple of Discord') occurs repeatedly together with the symbols of the "mannequin" and the "anthropomorphous tree".

On the wall hangs, framed, a painting; three others lean against the walls waiting to be completed. Their "incomplete presence" reasserts, whether in nature or in art, the essential notion of unity of Time (Past, Present, and Future). From the window, symbolic of consciousness, enters the light that vitalises the checkered floor of white (illumination) and blue (thinking) while the book of the mind keeps on recording the perpetual flow of inspiration.

"L'Atelier" is a symbolic torch of spiritual illumination... the forge of artistic creation.

Joseph Cusimano

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Additional Information:

  • Exhibited at Galerie d'Alliance Française, Toronto.

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