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Metamorfosi del Tempo Il Riposo di Venere Metamorphosis The Eternal Return Daphne L'Enigma di un Sogno d'Estate The Enigma of Silence Psychological Perspective Metaphysical Forest Metaphysical Sunset The Enigma of an Evening Escape Esoteric Introspection The Forest, Tribute to Canada Aphrodisiac Composition Artistic Perception Romantic Harmony  Still Life The Artist's Dilemma Metaphysical Still Life Madonna with Child The Crucifixion Fuga Il Riposo del Pescatore Still Life Transformation The Fisherman Serenade The Persistence of Time Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Thus Passes The Glory Of The World)   Subconscious Interlude The Temple of Knowledge Twilight Zone Frustrated Artist Solitude and Greatness Wings Venezia (Venice) Geranium

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